Eggs and Cheese


The other day I was at the doctor, and she told me my cholesterol was looking high. She asked me if I eat a lot of eggs and cheese. I said yes, and she gave me that doctor nod that says, "sucks to be you." Collapsing on the floor into a convulsion of sobs did not seem overly dramatic to me, because I knew what was coming next. She was going to tell me to cut back. And I was going to mope around for the rest of my life in an irritable, cheese-less, state of shock. But then, wait no...

She noticed my HDL cholesterol was very high. "What a beautiful number!" she said. That was why my cholesterol looked high, and I was to eat all of the eggs and cheese I wanted. ANGELS SANG ABOVE! REJOICE, ONE AND ALL, FOR HEAVEN IS MADE OF CHEESE!

So Jack and I made an egg and cheese sandwich to celebrate (above) and I let my son sit very close to the burner.


Rose said...

Happy you get to keep your eggs and cheese.

Kevin and Erin McLaughlin said...

I'm still stuck on the diaper on the cutting board! ;)


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