Homemade Potato Chips


Last night I tried to make THIS. And then I burnt it. Severely. But, I had some leftover potato, so naturally, I fried up some potato chips for an appetizer...

Mandolin sliced potatoes, hot peanut oil, sea salt. They were a HIT. In fact, Jack found me in the kitchen and proclaimed, "Mama, I need my OWN chips, Dada ate them AWW" (he can't say his L's). I wasn't supposed to tell you that story. Oops.

By the by, still waiting to hear from my giveaway winner. Katie W?? Are you there?? Bueller?? If I don't hear from you by the end of the day, picking a new winner : )


Making Peace With Potato Chips said...

As soon as my book is out, I intend to get into the manufacture of potato chips - I think we need to team up on this.


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