Fudgy Brownies (sans Butter, Sugar & Eggs)


You all love me for who I am, right? You don't come here expecting to find vegan, gluten-free, diet baloney (actually, I mean BOLOGNA, you will never find that here). That's just not what I'm about, and there are PLENTY of lovely blogs out there, I'm sure, which focus on those things. That said, if I ever come to my senses and go on a diet, I will make these brownies every night of my life. Which might cancel out my diet. But it's MY LIFE, so I can (not) lose weight however I want to, OKAY?!

I found them in my twin sister's cookbook (recipe HERE). They are made with no sugar, no eggs, and no butter. Instead? Maple syrup, agave nectar, coffee and vegetable oil. If you're REALLY following the recipe, you'll also make them with soy milk and spelt flour, but I did not, because I am Siri.

Listen, I won't lie to you, I can tell that these brownies are missing the sugar, butter and eggs. HOWEVER. They are still pretty darn good. Rich in chocolate favor, if not a little on the cakey side (I was hoping for fudge like the recipe title states). All in all, people who exercise and eat well... you're welcome.

wet ingredients...

dry ingredients...




Bon Bon said...

I just made a batch of some healthy brownies yesterday: they turned out great! Just an experiment though, I can't completely give up my butter-loving southern roots:-) xoxo


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