Broccoli Soup


This is almost a vegan creation. Minus the dab of cream, and handful of cheese. Is olive oil vegan? I obviously don't know these things because I practically eat human beings I love meat so much. Um. Should I delete that?

Broccoli Soup - so simple, so healthy (if you avoid the temptation to throw a brick of cheddar cheese in it), and a way to get my son to eat something green! (In full disclosure, he only had a few spoonfuls... but I am under the impression that even small amounts will turn him into Popeye.) I found this soup on my friend's blog... a working mom who cooks for her twin boys every night! I altered it slightly because I didn't have brown rice, I used vegetable stock instead of chicken, and I didn't want to deplete my son's milk so I used a dab of cream instead. I SAID DAB.


bizymom said...

Yeah! I love this soup. Mmm... maybe I'll make some right now. Scary easy, right?

Oh, another hint for getting little people to eat vegetable soup. Teach how fun it is to slurp your soup! You can totally fix that habit later. I'm totally sure. Just like we'll stop singing the "Poopy poopy poopy" song!


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