Room Temp


Doesn't that look delicious? Don't you just want to grab a handful of it and shove it in your mouth? Well don't. Because that's not cheese. That's butter.

But how fascinating... if you need butter at room temp STAT... grate it. Don't nuke it, grate it. Don't sit on it... grate it. Wait, who sits on butter?


LuRuSo said...

I love love LOVE this tip - thank you! (I also love butter).

Terri said...

That is GENIUS! Thanks for the tip im always struggling when stuff asks for butter at room temp!


Gretchen said...

And now I want to know what you DID with this lovely grated butter :)

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

i would definitely shove a handful of butter in my mouth. because i'm gross like that.

Sara said...

Ok, it's butter. And I still want to shove it in my mouth.


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