Milk and Toast


A fun activity to do with your kids... pour some milk into a bowl, add food coloring. Pick your bread of choice...

...and let your kid paint it! Then it's fun to let him/her help you toast it (push the button). Snack time!

If you don't have kids it's fun too. Just paint an image of the Virgin Mary or something and sell it on ebay...


Lisa R. said...

I did this with my two little punks. they had fun with it!

Stacy said...

Ohmygod this is brilliant! Why didn't I think of it? Especially when I watch my children use their spoons to draw with milk all over the kitchen table as I say things like 'oh please don't do that' and 'stop that right now' and 'you're going to make mommy cry.' Then they just tell me stop looking at them and I realize that would really make it easier! Tangent completed. Thank you for showing me how to be a bit cooler of a mom.


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