Mango Popsicles


I'm having one of those days as a mother where I'm doing nothing right, at least in my son's eyes. He is being an uberly sensitive snot. I mean, I mean, um, insert something more motherly and kind. Anyway, I thought, "Oh I know... homemade popsicles! Something we can do together, a craft, a healthy treat, win win!!" Besides I've been dying to use my new popsicle molds I bought at Ikea for $1.29.

So I put some frozen mango and some vanilla yogurt in a blender with a splash of orange juice.

And then I blended it. The noise scared my son.

Then we poured them into the pop molds. He didn't understand the concept that we had to wait until they froze, and he got mad.

Isn't this picture cute? He's actually trying to throw it at me because he didn't like it.

Lose, lose. Happy Mother's Day Weekend Everyone!!

p.s. I thought they were delicious.


You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

damn! i just cut up and inhaled a fresh mango this morning. and then i read this entry.


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