Ina Stalking


This morning one of my favorite blogs led me to this blog and to THIS particular post. I breathed a sigh of relief in learning that other people also want to (and successfully do) stalk Ina Garten. In a non-threatening way. THANK YOU REBECCA. Look! Ina's home! It's a real thing!

And now the best part... she spotted Jeffrey...

...in sweats no less. Oh Jeffrey. You must be walking off your Friday Night Chicken Dinner.



Happenstance said...

Ahh, well done Siri! Yeah, wasn't this great? Thanks for the favorable mention:) Love J-dog in his sweats.

rebecca said...

i forgot about friday night chicken dinners! lol.

Jennifer Hock said...

Sometimes I just want to be Ina. Just for a day.

Jess said...

i <3 Ina. I bet he had fresh scones to eat for breakfast.


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