Starbucks say WHA?


Just when I want to hate you for not understanding the words "ROOM FOR CREAM" you go and tug at my heartstrings with this...

Tiramisu Cake Pops and Red Velvet Whoopie Pies. I will have to give them a go.


Happenstance said...

I totally thought about your s'more pops post you did when I saw these this morning!

As for your "room for cream" debacle ... I usually ask for my usual tall in a grande cup, with cream and 4 raw sugars. Comes out pretty good about 90% of the time. Might increase your odds if you ask for it in the larger drink cup size.

Taylor B. said...

I had a "room for cream" debacle at starbucks today. But the little mini lemon square that I had wasn't too shabby. Can't wait to try the red velvet whoopie pie!

LuRuSo said...

I just saw these today and flipped!

Kelly said...

They're free between 2-5 today and tomorrow! It will be hard to resist a trip for cake pops!


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