Baked Mushroom Sesame Rice Balls


In a very random mood last night, I found this very random recipe. Brown rice and mushrooms, formed into balls, coated in sesame seeds and dipped into soy sauce? Ok. I've been trying to think up fun, creative ways to get vegetables into Jack (yes, green ones too but I decided to take baby steps with mushrooms) and what's more fun than eating things in ball form?! Err. Blast, you know what I mean.

Jack approved. Not exactly in ball form, but broken up and placed on a fork. Myself, I enjoyed the circles. I used this recipe, but added some onions, used Instant Brown Rice instead of making the sticky stuff, and added one beaten egg to bind it all together. Delish.

mushrooms out of food processor...

sauteed in olive oil with some onions...

added to the brown rice with one egg...

dipped in sesame seeds and then baked until golden...



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