Peace on Television


Did anyone see this last night?

Sesame Street on Top Chef. Sigh. It was a collision of worlds, my son's and mine. For one lovely, fleeting, 11-minute period of time, peace reigned the world. Harmony existed in my home. Mother and son, enjoying the same television. No clenching my butt cheeks through Barney. No muting the TV through a string of bad words on Sons of Anarchy, or covering eyes during hooker sex. (Just kidding, I don't watch that show with my son, um...)

Elmo, Padma, food and giggles. AMEN!!!!


Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

While Dale's 'cookie' looked good, I still can't believe he won! Loved it when Elmo called Antonia out on hers looking like a cow pie. A tasty cow pie but still...

Virginia said...

Loved this and saved it on the tivo for my kids to watch. At 5 and 3, my kids look forward to watching with me every week as long as I zip through the "talking" (ie drama/house scenes).


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