Mrs. Obama should do something about this...


Who let this happen?? Does it come with a free trip to the emergency room inside? Or a Biggest Loser DVD box set?

p.s. I totally would have been down with this in college.


Valerie said...

Oh my, I'm down with this NOW. It sounds like my ideal Friday night.

Evie said...

Sadly I can explain this one. I work for Nestle, and we recently acquired DiGiorno Pizza (along with California Pizza Kitchen and Tombstone) I don't have anything to do with the pizza side of the business, but the merger between the two should explain this product....it's crazy and terrible, I agree, unless its for a kids birthday party or something where these things exist together anyways. Nestle as a company generally promotes only healthy products that promote a healthy life style (Lean Cuisine, Power Bar, Gerber).

TMI? haha probably TMI!

agalandherdog said...

I think I might be down with this now too.


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