Risotto with Butternut Squash, Leeks, and Basil


I made a healthy risotto. I know, I know, Carson still doesn't believe that's possible. But minus the carb infested starch, there was no cream, no butter, no wine (minus what I drank). Vegetable broth and under a cup of Parmesan cheese! Well maybe I added more than a cup, but still. It was delicious! I had never made risotto before and found it to be pretty easy! You definitely have to babysit the dish while you cook, but I love babysitting food. Find the recipe HERE.


Butternut squash...

Arborio rice...



Gretchen said...

I want to make this! I'm thinking of adding some shrimp. Couldn't hurt, could it? Looks yummy.

Go. Be. Do said...

Yay for making Risotto! Wasn't it fun? I'm excited for you. It looks delicious.


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