Happy December!


Happy December 1st! Happy Hanukkah! Happy One Year of Siriously Delicious!

Isn't this time of year magical? Here's a little trick I learned from Carson's mom that will make your house smell all happy and magical... put some apple cider in a pot, add orange peel and lemon slices, a cinnamon stick, whole cloves and any other spice that reminds you of the season, and simmer it gently all day long.

Or at least while you're in the house, I am NOT condoning leaving your oven burner on while you're at work.


Mrs. Magnolia said...

Yummm smells like Christmas! I have a question. Back in college, I decided to simmer som potpurri in my sweet tea making pan. Bad decision because after that day my sweet tea tasted like manadarin cranberry sweet tea (not as appealing as it sounds, hah.) Did this happen to your pot?

Virginia said...

After the kids are in bed I can add some brandy and drink it, right?

Happy one year! I am so glad you were inspired a year ago to start this blog. Well done!


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