Taco Tuesday


When you need dinner and fast, sometimes it's best to go old school. What's easier than tacos?! Not a lot. Lucky for me, my boyfriend happens to make the best taco meat, ever. Ground beef and a dash of the following: taco seasoning, liquid smoke, Worcestershire and Tabasco.

That's him making, as he calls it, the Perfect Taco. I prefer soft, flour tortillas and approximately 97 chips on the side.


agalandherdog said...

Yum! We just did a twist on tacos the other night with some wood duck. Sean is obsessed with cooking wild game -- guess that comes with the territory down here in the South. I'm craving Mexican again now.

Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

tacos are so good! If I had taco shells, or tortillas, we'd be eating them for dinner tonight. mmm mmm good!!

Love the twists your boyfriend adds, I bet they're some good tacos!

Claire Shanahan said...

Just picked up liquid smoke for the first time!


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