A letter to a pizza joint...


Dear Pitfire Pizza,

I'm sorry, but you asked for it. With your wide, open spaces and your buttery noodles and your flat screen TV's and your never-ending stack of high chairs. It's official... you are our new kid-friendly restaurant. SORRY ABOUT IT. But now you're stuck with my son's scream laugh and his tendency to throw sugar packets at other customers. You made us love you and there's no turning back.

Just look at that wood-burning stove! And it's really true, out of it comes a pizza with Burrata cheese and caramelized onions and a pesto drizzle. Among others.

It appears that you even have a Bingo night! Even if it's probably past our bedtime (7pm).

I think this guy on your wall says it all. Thank you, Mr. Alien Man, for the warm welcome, the massive beer selection, the kid-friendly vibe, and the delicious pies.

Your Friend With A Loud Kid,
Siriously Delicious


Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

I want to take my own obnoxious kid to that pizza place! Wood fire pizza, yum!

Valerie said...

This place is fantastic. Have you had the mac & cheese? Delicious! I'll see you there sometime. Have a great weekend!



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