Siriously? I'm Serious...


I take the stickers off of my store-bought produce, so that I can convince myself and others that it came from my non-existant garden.

Now it's your turn to admit something. And be Sirious.


Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

I don't love scrambled eggs. I like hard boiled, over easy, etc but scrambled, meh I can go with out. Unless you load them up with bacon & cheese, then they're good. but really thats just the bacon & cheese talking :)

MADNESS said...

When I make "homemade" potato salad, I buy the deli quart of potato salad, boil more potatoes and add them. Call it mine :)

Kevin and Erin McLaughlin said...

Everyone knows me as the cupcake queen. Yet I use Duncan Hines cake mix and the frosting off the domino sugar box. Sshhhhh.

Katie said...

you even take the stickers off the bananas? i mean do you really think people will believe you have a banana tree?? ;)


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