Hot Dogs 'N Beer!


Hi Friends of the Internet,

Sorry I've been a little absent. Yes, I am on vacation, but that's not the reason. My kid got sick, then his dad got sick, and that means no blogging for mama. Here is what I meant to tell you about yesterday:

Hot Dogs 'N Beer! Not a very appetizing picture, but a delicious way to grill an ordinary hot dog. Cut slits in the dog, soak in beer of choice for 30 minutes, grill. And if you're dying to know my wiener of choice, it's these. All beef.

A normal blog post to follow this one...


Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

I love brats in beer, I bet dogs in beer would be bomb too! Sorry the men in your life have been sick. Vaca sickness is the end all be all worst!

Virginia said...

Those are the best hot dogs ever. My kids actually refuse all others (god love 'em). I'll have to try the beer version - thanks!

Gretchen said...

Oh yes. These are GREAT hot dogs :)

Mary B. said...

Did this for first time last weekend. I'll never want a plain old hot dog again!!!


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