Drumroll please...


Did you honestly think I could pick one of you to win this giveaway?!? No way, misters and misseses (not a word). Your comments were beyond Siriously Sweet. If I could, I would bake each of you a cookie. A giant sized one, as big as your head (not that your heads are overly large). But that amount of baking would equal seriously neglecting my son SO, instead, I turned to random.org to select a winner. Are you ready? Wait for it. Aaaaaand...


Judy, we have never met, and yet I couldn't be more pleased to award you with this giveaway! Thank you for reading my silly little blog, it means the world to me that you enjoy it. AND I MEAN THAT TO ALL OF YOU! I promise to do millions of giveaways until you ALL win. There are millions of you, right?

Ok, I must end this love fest and go to sleep. JUDY, please visit my contact page at the top of the blog and email me your address. Thank you all for playing.

Last night of vacation, sigh.

(Photo HERE)


bake2thefuture said...

awww i'm sorry i missed this giveaway, you totally should have included this little glass bear shaker:


Go. Be. Do said...

Yay!!! Judy is one of my college roomies! So happy she won!


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