This is why we're fat...


Has anyone tried the infamous KFC Double Down?

Or as I like to call it, "The Atkins Was Popular 10 Years Ago Heart Attack Sandwich." Double D stats via this article:

540 calories
32 grams of fat
1,380 milligrams of sodium

If you ask me, the calories don't sound astronomical, and neither does the fat. I have proudly nibbled on (scarfed down) a Haagen Dazs bar with those same numbers. But the sodium. I don't even know what that means?! Is that a lot? It sounds like a trip to the ER.

Someone hurry and add this monstrosity of a sandwich to This Is Why You're Fat. And then make this KFC pie...


Hannah said...

Is it wrong of me to think the chicken sandwich looks good?

I can't go to that website anymore, it makes me too hungry.

Siri said...

Yes, it is wrong. And I do too.


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