This happened.


Yesterday, I was in horrible traffic. You know the kind where you wonder why you don't carry a loaded gun in your car, to use on others or yourself. The kind where you consider leaving your car, right where it is, and walking. To anywhere. The nearest bar, say.

I was thinking these things and more, until I saw these:

Leftover from a movie. Delightful little mints! Only now, the delightful little mints had melted into one glob of minty goo at the bottom of the box, entirely unreachable. Until I did this:

Opened the box from the other end, and finished off the glob of minty goo, with my tongue.

I'm embarrassed.


Virginia said...

....but not so embarrassed that you kept it to yourself. And we appreciate that.

I totally would've done this.

Mark said...

this is quite a revelation.

Cindy said...

I love this! A girl after my own heart!

Being Ingrid said...

See? Aren't you glad you listened to me when I said you can save the rest for later if you don't finish them during the movie. This was brilliant and so something I have probably done in my life.

Em said...

I'd have done the exact same thing! Down to ripping open the box to get every ounce of yummy chocolaty-ness (is that a word?) out!

It's totally awesome!


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