Praline and Reese's Rugelach


That is my beautiful friend, Ingrid (photo here). I know what you're thinking... is this a blog about Siri's friends or Siri's food? Hey! It's my blog. I do what I want. And the answer is both. The lovely Ingrid is approaching the big 3-0 in March, and because she is who she is, her friends are celebrating her 30th birthday all month long. Nobody deserves that kind of attention more than this lady, in fact, she deserves it everyday of her life. SO. What did I do to celebrate my friend? Well, we met at our spot for a date, and I baked her what I will call Praline and Reese's Rugelach.

As you know, I recently made Rugelach and I saved some of the dough to make Ingrid exactly 30 cookies. Do you get it? Do you? Le Pain Quotidien sells a delicious praline spread that they serve with bread at their restaurant, and because Ingrid is allergic to chocolate I thought this would be perfect! I threw in some of her favorite candy, Reese's Pieces, and was left with a sweet, sugary, crunchy cookie with that nutty Praline flavor!

Click HERE for the recipe for Rugelach. To make this version, add praline spread before cinnamon syrup. Omit mini chocolate chips and add Reese's. Enjoy!


Being Ingrid said...

Too much fun with you last night little lady. We must do again in a few months! PS- the treats are a HIT today at work. I had 4 for breakfast. xo

Dustin said...

Reese's are popular.

Dustin said...

PS- Happy B-day Ingrid!

Mark said...

happy birthday ingrid. i am twice your age.


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