Wake. Up. Call.


Wow. What a powerful film. Do you eat food? Then I think it is your duty to rent this. Do people "rent" anymore?

Below are some images, followed by some thoughts. Image, thought.

That was the part where I wished I wasn't such a damn, meat-eating dinosaur. I love bacon!! I'm afraid that will never change but boy, do I have a newfound respect for vegetarians. And you can be certain I will scrutinize the meat/poultry/fish I buy from here on out.

That was the part where I wanted to strangle fast food companies and our government for making families turn to drive throughs vs. grocery stores. You can get a whole greasy meal for less money than you can buy a head of broccoli. What on Earth.

I want to find that guy, because I have a cookie for him. And a pat, for his back.

That was the part when I lost it. As a mother, as a human being.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, WATCH THE MOVIE! That is all I'm going to say.


Crull-inary Experiment said...

Such a great documentary and extremely disturbing! Definitely wary of what I buy after watching this.

iamchasingthirty said...

Yeah. Freakish and frightening. There was a lot of conversation between the family and I about this. Hence my vegan salad this afternoon:) I certainly can't say goodbye to meat either but will be cutting down on it and becoming a neurotic organic/whole-foods (not the store, but actual whole. foods.)/know-where-my-food-comes from kind of gal. Jack is lucky to have parents educating themselves on this matter! Remember our date with...curry tofu? heheh...


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