Happy Day!


Bad Siri. I made a wonderful dinner last night and took no pictures. I blame wine. Family. And birthdays. Such sorry excuses, I know. However, if you would like to make this wonderful dinner, HERE IT IS. Short Ribs with Tagliatelle, by Giada. HIGHLY recommended. I added a shallot, I didn't have parsley and I skipped the shaved chocolate step. I know, criminal, but by the time it was ready we were too hungry and I didn't have ten seconds of patience left. Here's Giada's picture:

It made for a great birthday. And I suppose my family had something to do with that too... my generous, AMAZING family who all happen to know me so well! Here are some of the delicious and delightful gadgets and gizmos I was given last night for my kitchen:

My seeeeeester got me this!

From Carson, a Wusthof knife. Oh. My. God. I have NEVER owned a reeeally good knife, and this cuts through anything like butter. If I accidentally chop off my finger, I think I will be more pleased than devastated. You know, that it worked.

My O'Mo ("other mother") gave me an adorable utensil holder, a hilarious apron and mini muffin tins. And my mother got me this for my son:

Okay that's not for the kitchen, but it's awesome just the same! (His name is Jackson)

But this, THIS takes the cake. Picture does it NO justice.

It's a chef's jacket. Red. Fitted. Pockets. And it says SIRIOUSLY DELICIOUS! From my best friend, Carson, who knows me better than anyone. I love my family so.

Oh I almost forgot what my dad brought for dessert... cupcakes from Vanilla Bake Shop.

We ate them like vultures eat rotting carcasses.

*Coming soon... Potato and Broccolini Frittata and Orange White Chocolate Biscotti.


Deanna Fuller said...

Love all of it! Looks like a great way to close out the 20's :-)

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday!! Between the knife and chefs jacket you scored big time! Dinner looked great and those cupcakes, oh those cupcakes :)

iamchasingthirty said...

We also got those knives and they're changing my LIFE. Looks like indeed it was a very happy day:) Excited to continue celebrating this eve!

Ashleigh said...

I saw those knives at Williams Sonoma yesterday. They were in a glass case and you needed permission touch them.

Eva said...

Siri - we got Wusthof knives as a wedding gift, aren't they amazing? Careful though - I sliced 2 fingers making your pancetta stuffed mushrooms for the Superbowl yesterday. Totally worth it though, they were amazing! Oh, and I made ooey gooey butter cookies too - also amazing...thanks for making me feel like a gourmet chef if only for a day!

Siri said...

Ouch Eva!! Well, I'm glad it was worth it?? I don't want my blog to promote finger losing.

Sorry about your Colts : (

Yosh said...

Best Birthday ever!!! I'm so sorry I missed the Ritas celebration. And your gift from your best friend made me cry a little bit. Thanks a lot Carson. What a wonderful and SUPER thoughtful gift!!! Can't wait to see it. XOX

p.s. that tray is simply amazing

Siri said...

We missed you Jessi. I threw out some Rita for you, homie. (I can't talk like that)


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