Rosemary Popcorn


Over New Year's Eve, we stayed at the Trump International in New York. Because we have a baby who is not used to cold weather, we never strayed far from our hotel for dinner. In fact, two of the four nights we ate at renowned chef Jean Georges' Nougatine restaurant, directly in the hotel lobby.

And why wouldn't we? It was superb. Especially the bar snacks they offered which included Rosemary Popcorn. You took a bite of this salty goodness and couldn't quite figure out why it was so good. Butter? My usual assumption of MSG or Crack Cocaine? No, the oil these kernels were popped in was infused with rosemary. I vowed right then and there I would figure out how to make this.

Well, I was happy and disappointed to find out that Giada de Laurentiis has already come up with this recipe HERE. Happy, because it was easy to follow and disappointed because I WANTED to come up with it on my OWN. That way I could serve it to my friends and act all conceited and mysterious when they told me how good it was. Oh well, some other time. Again, click HERE and make this. It's absurd (mom, that's sarcastic for GOOD).


bite me said...

Mmmmm doggy that sounds good :)


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