Last weekend, I made linguine with my new KitchenAid pasta maker attachment. I've decided not to write about it, except for the way I am presently writing about it. The thing is, while I wouldn't call the attempt a failure, I also wouldn't call it a terrific success. Hey! Making pasta isn't easy. Even the recipe books told me... you might need to try multiple batches before you feel comfortable with the process. They were right, you do need to do that. Unless you're Italian by birth, which I am not. I am Dutch. We do not eat pasta, we eat wooden shoes.

Therefore, I am going to try and try again until I get it right. Then, I will let you know.

*By the way, I once saw a black and white photograph of three (or four?) beautiful women slurping up spaghetti noodles, Lady in the Tramp style. I have not been able to track it down since, even with the Internet and all it's Google. Does ANYONE know the picture I am referring to?



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