a letter to a fish company...


Dear Santa Monica Seafood,

I should be mad at you. You charged me $37 and some change for 2 pieces of halibut. My Midwest, reasonable mind thinks that number is ridiculous. Outrageous even. But, I am not mad at you. Why? Because I am in love with you.

For so many reasons. You sell miso paste, and I don't really know what that is or if it has expired in my fridge, but I love it. You offer tiny manchego cheese samples with truffle honey as I walk in the door, and I love them. Even though I never have, I could throw a fantastic dinner party just by shopping at your market - from fish to wine to flowers to vegetables to cheese to chocolate. And even though I never have, I could enjoy a glass of wine and some raw fish at your oyster bar, in the afternoon, on a Tuesday.

So take my money. Take all of it, I will write you a check. Just please let me come and hang out and eat all of your cheese samples and swim in your lobster tank.

A customer



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