Hash Brown Egg Cups


It's that special time of year, my friends.  When we're so excited school is back in session but waking up to make lunches feels like hell.  When we're thrilled the holidays are over but we want to pay someone one billion dollars to remove all the Christmas decorations.  Or maybe that's just how I feel: halfway between motivated and lazy.  Somewhere in the middle of wanting to eat fish and kale every night and wanting to order Chinese take-out.  I'll get there, I'm sure of it (wherever "there" is), so I'm trying to be patient with myself, which was a resolution of mine after all.  As was optimism, so here goes... will I blog more in the new year?  You bet I will!  Will I take better care of my skin?  Probably almost every night or at least once a week!  Will I learn to say no?  No!  I mean, yes!  Will I put down my phone more?  What phone!?  Will I floss my teeth?  Certainly not!

Ok, I feel better now.  I feel ready to face 2017 and the dentist at the same time!  

For now, though, I feel ready to share these baked eggs nestled in hash brown cups that I made the other day.  Of course, the recipe called for potatoes (that are then baked and shredded into hash browns), but I didn't have them so I sautéed some frozen tater tots on the stove and then mashed them up.  I'm pretty brilliant, I know.  I used a variety of regular taters and sweet potato, which added a lovely balance to the dish.  These make a perfect breakfast for busy on-the-go mornings, which is pretty much every morning right?

Recipe HERE.


Emily said...

I made these for Easter a year ago and my family went nuts! A huge hit! I didn't spray the tins well enough so some of them were a bit tough to get out, but the tater tots are genius! PS - Thanks again for Lucy's famous sandwiches...another surefire winner that made everyone in my family so happy.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this. I was driving home from work, dreaming of the various ways I could prepare eggs for breakfast, and thought about baking them whole, but with what? Well, now I know. Thank you for preparing things yourself and posting your pictures, before making recommendations.

Unknown said...

Made these for supper this evening yummy they were a hit with the children. Astounding! I utilized frozen destroyed hash browns to save time.


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