Diet Coke Chocolate Chunk Cookies


It's possible I've lost my mind.  Not only did I put Diet Coke in cookie dough (why yes, yes I did), but the sheer amount of time I spent googling "unique cookies" the other day should be criminal.  I was desperate to find something that sparked my interest, something different.  Why?  What's wrong with me?  Can I not rest until I've attempted seventy eleventy (made up number) thousand different chocolate chip cookie recipes?  The answer is yes, I cannot rest, so please send me any and all bizarre ideas.  Like this recipe - chocolate chip cookies with a tablespoon of soda in them.

My son giggled the entire time we made these together, happily taking a few sips from the soda and wondering if the end result would taste "bubbly."  Well they don't taste like cola, but there is something different about them.  There's almost a bread-like flavor to the cookie - scientists, help me out?  Is that the carbonation?  Like using club soda or beer to make soda bread?  Do scientists read my blog?  I'm dumb.  I have 9-month preggo brain.  I drove my son to the completely wrong place for his first day of lacrosse camp yesterday because I read an email wrong.  

The cookies aren't bad, but they aren't my favorite.  I think the recipe is missing salt.  My son, on the other hand, thought they were AWESOME.  And honestly, what can be so bad about a "bready" cookie with chunks of chocolate in it?  Not a whole lot.  I'm just picky, because I've eaten seventy eleventy thousand cookies in my life.       


Anonymous said...

The kids will love these cookies and as an added bonus they have poop in the name.

Anonymous said...

Diet coke is so bad for you. The fake sugar is not healthy. Love choc chip though!!

Unknown said...

Have you ever tried these babies!!



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