Flourless Chocolate Cookies


Dear Audra of The Baker Chick,
WTF.  I can't handle how good these are.

You all know how much I love chocolate.  I will ALWAYS pick a chocolate driven dessert over something else.  The more of it the better.  And these cookies - they have SO MUCH chocolaty goodness.  With minimal, simple ingredients and NO butter, oil, egg yolks or flour (they're healthy!) I would like to proclaim these cookies as MAGIC.  And definitely opt for the "optional" sea salt topping, you won't regret it.  The chewiness of the rich chocolate cookie paired with the salt give them a hint of caramel flavor, I don't know how.  See what I mean?  Magic.  

Thank you Baker Chick!  (If you missed link above, recipe here.)  


Unknown said...

Stop it! You are killing me! I just made the maple chocolate chip cookies yesterday and some of them are still in my house and now I have no choice but to make these. I am screwed. And hell yes to the sea salt.

Echo aka The Mad Mommy said...

Why did I come here?

Why did I see this?

It looks like a giant disc of chocolate, brownie-ish deliciousness!

I think I just drooled on my space bar.

Sara @ Babucho Newcastle said...

These do some amazing, and they look great.

Unknown said...

Wow that looks good x x

Ahmad Ali said...

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