Vegan Pumpkin Muffins


Today, my son's class took a field trip to a pumpkin patch...

Oooo, spoooooooky.

I volunteered to make 80 mini pumpkin muffins.  I know, spooky.  Carson always tells me I overbook myself but in MY defense, my mom was in town and helped watch the kiddos while I worked.  And have you ever known me to turn down a reason to bake??

Also, this recipe was extremely easy and extremely delicious.  Because of various allergies at the school, they are vegan (consisting of soy milk, soy yogurt and no eggs).  PACKED with spices and a hint of molasses flavor, ridiculously moist and perfectly pumpkin-y.  Recipe HERE.

The kids (and parents) ate them up.  My Jack had 3 (I say "my Jack" because there were four others).

*I doubled the recipe and it made 80 mini muffins.


ClutteredMama said...

Do you suppose the soymilk could be substituted with coconut milk? I bought a half-gallon (of the wrong kind, apparently the "right" kind comes in a can...?) for a recipe and now have most of a half-gallon of coconut milk I'm looking to get rid of. You're more of an expert in this field, so whaddya think?
(oh and the "wrong" kind caused my soup to look like it had curdled milk in it, rather than having the creamy appearance of the recipe's photo. NAILED it!)

Linda said...

Yummy looking muffins!!

Unknown said...

this is awesome.

Siri said...

Hmm, I'm sure you could substitute with coconut milk but to be honest, I'm not entirely familiar with the product. Might give off a coconut flavor which might conflict with pumpkin?? Try it! And let us know : )


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