Egg in a Hole


As a very new mother to two children, I've found that in order to get through the day without overwhelming myself it helps to make very mini goals.  Like, today I'm going to tidy up.  Today I'm going to organize that drawer.  Today I'm going to the drug store.  Today I'm going to blog.  Today I'm going to shower.  (That's right friends, showering doesn't happen every day or even every other, deal.)

But one thing I HAVE to do everyday is cook dinner, pack a school lunch, and make sure my son eats a big breakfast.  It's very easy to fall into the "same old same old routine", but today I decided to get wild and crazy with breakfast.  Egg in a Hole!  Egg in a Minnesota Hole (thanks for the cookie cutter, Katy).  Put some butter in a pan, cut out a shape in your bread, place bread in pan, crack egg into hole, sprinkle with salt, cook to your desired yolk consistency.  Fast, easy and delicious!     


nicole said...

I love this. We call it a "hole-in-one" at our house; it's one of our favorites. I use a regular ol' shot glass (so classy!) to make the hole. :) No kids for us (yet), but it's still hard to make time for breakfast before work. I do love making breakfast on the weekends. I'm trying this recipe tomorrow morning! xo.

Paige King said...

Makes me miss home! I must get this cookie cutter!

True Story said...

I thought we were the only ones (and non creative at that) to call our simple dish egg in a hole. I've heard others call it eggs in a nest. But I like to keep it simple. I too work on the small goals day to day with a 6 month old. Tomorrow, I will make egg in a hole.

CuCa said...

I call these "one eyed jacks". Haven't had one in a long time. I'm going to make these this weekend!!

Virginia said...

I just made this for my kids last week! My mom called them Egg in a Nest.

Love form Minnesota,

Rose said...

We use a star cookie cutter for ours. Thought we were the only ones!

Rose said...

We use a star cookie cutter for ours. Thought we were the only ones!

ClutteredMama said...

I can proudly say that I FINALLY made something I saw on your blog! We used to eat these all the time when I was a kid (but my mom called them something else...) and when I saw this post I got super excited and made them for my boys and our house guests. My 4 year old refused, but our 4 year old house guest effused "It is eggs IN a toast! It is FABULOUS!"

I tried using our spider cookie cutter for a spooky Halloween vibe, but it just ended up looking like a big circle.

Unknown said...

I LOVE this idea!!!!! Minnesota love whenever you can show it!!!

I love your blog too! so fun to read everyday. great job on the Today show!!



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