Cinco de Mayo Fiesta


I sit here writing to you from 30,000 feet.  Or more?  I don't know how high airplanes go, you silly.  When they first announced that in-flight Internet would become a thing, I was disappointed.  I felt like they were taking away the ONE place where you could go and escape phone calls, emails and text messages for a few hours.  Yeah I love it now.  

I will try to post here and there in the next few days, but if I'm unable, don't be mad.  Next week - Homemade Nutella and French Toast Muffins!  For now... some Cinco de Mayo ideas... 

...and a few more ideas from last year : )


LuRuSo said...

I can't wait until the french toast muffins - something I've been wanting to try since I saw them in an Annapolis cafe. Safe travels!

Sugar and Charm said...

You're going to love that mango drink! You can skip the booze since you're preggo! Congrats! I'm expecting my first soon and I can't wait until I can drink a GIANT margarita! It's been way...too...long. Thanks for the support and link- Eden :)


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