Buffalo Chicken Salad


This stuff, is divine. All of my friends love it, especially this one. We all use it to make salads, especially her. Here's what I do. Shred rotisserie chicken and stir in some buffalo sauce, add chopped romaine or iceberg (I like the crunch), dice some tomato and avocado, sprinkle in some gorgonzola, crunch a few blue tortilla chips on top. (I used to add red onion but as I get older I like the stuff less and less.) Drizzle some oil, vinegar and plop a dollop of Greek yogurt on top.

Yes, that is my son in the background watching Barney. I have no idea how that purple tub of lard found his way into my house, but he did. I will cut him.


Unknown said...

First of all, that salad looks deelish. Second, I hate barney too. I hate him and his creepy friends (baby whatsherface) and the creepy brainwashed kids they have on the show. It's one of the few shows I refuse to let my daughter watch unless I am desperate for her to be otherwise occupied. Why can't Barney just die already! He's old!


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