Beets me!


I really need to quit it with the puns before I throw up all over myself (like I did last night watching that Brad & Emily fiasco that people call The Bachelor). But I couldn't help it in this instance, because beets really did used to confuse me. I've always enjoyed them in fancy salads, even out of the can. But I've never known what to do with the big, earthy vegetable that looks like it just came straight from the dirt.

Until yesterday when my mama roasted them and I realized how easy they were to prepare! Here's what she did...

Trim leaves off of beets (which you can saute apparently). Gently rinse beets and then place on sheet pan. Sprinkle with olive oil, salt and pepper. My mom chose to wrap each individually with foil.

Roast for about an hour at 375-400 degrees. Remove from oven and let sit for 30 minutes.

At this point, the skin can be wiped off and the beets can be sliced.

Delicious! Earthy! Healthy!


Katy Stuhr said...

Thank you for posting this! I tried roasting beets once and apparently I either didn't roast them long enough or didn't let them sit long enough because I couldn't get the skin off. Good to know I just messed up! I will try again.

Gretchen said...

A slight correction...I roasted them for an hour with the foil on, then roasted them for about 20 more minutes with the foil loosened, then cooled them before removing the skins with a paper towel. You DO have to roast them quite awhile. And Golden beets taste even better!

Linda said...

Wow...easy I've had two beets in the refrigerator crisping drawer forever... well about 9 months!!!LOL!! I grew them last year and never got around to cooking them because I was worried how to do them. But you'll all be glad to know that raw homegrown earthy beets last a long time !!!! No mold at all. Now I am off to cook my beets !!!


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