They can't all be winners.


I burnt dinner. Let me explain why:

1. My son just started walking. Do you have kids? Do they walk? Well I've just discovered that once your child starts walking, you can no longer cook dinner in one room without wondering if they might be in another room drinking poison.

2. I'm leaving town tomorrow for the first time since my son was born. Therefore today, I was slightly on edge. I felt excited, anxious, thrilled, heartbroken, wonderful, scared, free and stuck. A walking emotional cocktail. With one in her hand.

3. I decided to let my friend cut my hair while I should have been basting pork. She came over to cut my boyfriend's hair and asked if I wanted a trim. I said, sure... just let me put the pork in quick so I can forget about it and burn dinner to a crisp and I'll be right there.

So there you have it. It's been awhile since I've royally screwed up a meal. It actually feels good. I feel alive! I feel honest! I feel hungry! I was trying to make Lucinda Scala Quinn's Braised Short Ribs, but with Boneless Pork Ribs instead. And, as crusty and dry as this turned out, I could still taste the components of the marinade. Sweet, luscious, earthy. I will try it again. And I will baste it. And cook it less. And love it more. Note to self: Short Ribs do NOT = Pork when it comes to cooking time.

I'm sorry Lucinda. I'm sorry Porky Pig. I'm sorry Faithful Followers. I've done you wrong.

p.s. Brownie Pudding for dessert. That turned out right. Stay tuned...


Mary (Brozic) Boldischar said...

Did the same thing with a honey mustard curry chix recipe recently. A friend told me that if you use a nonstick pan, always decrease the baking temp by 25 degrees - who knew?! Well, probably you :)

Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

Don't you hate it when you forget about dinner in the oven? The pork looked good going in, and beyond the crispy edges it looked pretty darn good on the plate too!

How did your hair turn out?

Beth said...

I love that you still ate it. I would have done the same!


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